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Retail sales are rapidly changing. As already happened with contents, it no longer matters what media you use to buy a product; what matters is the product itself and the buying experience.

In a world with unique products that can be available from anywhere, traditional retailers, websites, apps, social media and others become sophisticated service layers with different buying experiences adapted to the consumer, the place and the moment when they take place.

This new scenario must be complemented with technological solutions that prepare manufacturers and distributors for this constant change. Service companies also play an important role, since they know how to integrate these solutions and make the best of them.

At the World Sales Analysis Association we try to provide relevant information that will help companies make retail-oriented technological decisions. These decisions are fundamentally two: what technologies to use and what professionals to count on to help me integrate them.

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At the World Sales Analysis Association, we know that agencies play a fundamental role in the launching of new sales channels. For this reason, we have created analysis tools to guide your clients and offer answers to the questions they might ask you repeatedly.

We are also creating a database with the world’s best e-commerce agencies, in order to generate business opportunities for you. If you want to be part of it,

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